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Get £100 off a SmarTrack S5 Tracking system

Keep your precious motorhome or campervan safe and secure by installing a SmarTrack S5 Tracking system and benefit from £100 discount off the purchase price of the SmarTrack S5 package which includes tracking system, installation and security monitoring. The discount is available to Comfort Insurance motorhome and campervan policyholders and anyone who gets an insurance quote for their motorhome or campervan from Comfort Insurance during the qualifying period*.

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* Discount available for any orders placed for a SmarTrack S5 Tracking system, including installation before 31st December 2022.

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SmarTrack S5 Features:

• Highest Level Thatcham Security Certification (TSC)
• Monitored 24/7 Via Secure Control Centre  
• Driver Recognition System for Key Protection (Rechargeable Bluetooth Driver Detection Cards or D-iD App For iOS / Android Devices) 
• Insurance Approved   
• UK & European Tracking As Standard
• Free Android/iOS App For Monitoring Vehicle Location, Journey History, Geo Fences  Push Notification Alerts
• Tow Away Alerts (Our Control Centre will call you if the vehicle is moved without the ignition on or if the Driver Recognition System is not active within the vehicle)
• Battery Disconnection Alerts (Our Control Centre will call you if your vehicle battery is disconnected or the unit records any loss in it’s main power)
• Low Battery Alerts (Our Control Centre will send you an SMS to advise your Vehicle Battery is running low)

Why choose GAP Security?

Gap Security has been working with the Insurance industry since 1999 making it quick and easy to get the correct Thatcham Insurance approved tracking device installed onto your Vehicle. All of Gap Security’s engineers have vast experience in fitting an extensive range of security solutions to all types of vehicles including cars, vans, motorhomes, motorcycles and even HGV’s. Call us today on 0800 977 5798 to find out more.

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