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Visit any car security website and you’ll be told how important it is to protect your vehicle; but of course, they all have a vested interest in selling you an alarm or tracking system.

Cost is often the only hurdle in front of a car owner when it comes to buying a car security system. Yet, many of these people buy a lottery ticket every week and really believe that you have to be “in it to win it” yet the chances of winning are over a hundred thousand more than those of your car being stolen!

At GAP Security, we’d rather you look at the facts, then make up your own mind.

For some vehicles and certain parts of the UK, an alarm is the most suitable product, in others just an immobiliser and of course, increasingly with new and high value vehicles, tracking is the order of the day.

Head of the Police Car Crime Task Force, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cooper, states that today in the UK, prestige and sports vehicles are almost always stolen to order. This is often through key theft and in most cases, the only sensible solultion is to fit a tracking system.

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