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We live in a strange world. A world where you can go out today and buy a brand new car for under £10k and it will come with remote controlled central locking and of course, an engine immobiliser and full blown insurance approved alarm!

Oddly enough, when you spend 5 times that on a Horsebox, you get nothing of the sort. What makes this even crazier is the fact that Horseboxes are stolen every day in the UK!

However, unlike a car a Horsebox can be very difficult to replace, more so if there is tack inside, or worse still, livestock!

First things first, get it immobilised. But be careful, as many unprofessional security installers may not be aware that these vehicles are often 24v and therefore, require specific products. A simple transponder based system, that require no physical action at all, is the best option.

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