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In 2010, more than 35,000 people were affected by bike theft, which while being relatively small in comparison to that of cars, still represents a serious problem in the UK and contributed, significantly, to the 340,000 total vehicles stolen in 2010. That’s 1 bike for every 40 on the road; almost twice that of cars!

This equates to 100 bikes being stolen every day, with a combined value of £3m every month and 80% of these machines are stolen from home. The recovery rate is even more bleak, with only 32% ever seen again, compared with 65% for cars.

There are a number of ways in which you can prevent your machine adding to these statistics. These include electronic motorcycle security, such as an alarm, immobiliser or tracking system; using secured motorbike parking when out and about; mechanical security including ground anchors, chains and disc locks and finally, parts marking and identification products like Datatag.

In practice however, it is not always possible to use a secured bike park; mechanical security is cumbersome and difficult to carry around and identification marking will not prevent your bike from being stolen, merely increase the chances of your bike being recovered if stolen. However, at GAP Security we believe that prevention is better than cure and with our help, you can protect your investment easily and affordably.

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