Laserline Guardian Immobiliser


Laserline Guardian Immobiliser

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The LaserLine Guardian offers you a security system which prevents the vehicle from being driven away unless 1 of the ADR are in the vehicle.

The immobiliser comes with two long range random code ADR (automatic driver recognition) unique tags with 3-volt lithium batteries.

And with built in motion detector tags which shut down after ten minutes of no movement to increase battery life. Then turns on automatically when the tag is moved again, stopping detection from any type of relay attack.

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Product Description

Two built in immobilisation relays with 20-amp continuous capacity, that passively arm 25 seconds after the ignition is turned off on the vehicle.

Automatic disarm once the units sees one of the unique coded ADR tags

No customer interaction required to arm or disarm the system. The kit will integrate and is compatible with any existing wireless or non-wireless vehicle ignition keys.

Flashing status LED that can be mounted on view or can be hidden in the vehicle if required, low 7mA current draw when the system is armed.

Secure touch key override that can be used if any of the uniquely coded individual tags are misplaced. Up to 28 ADR tags can be coded into each system.

Optional high-quality leather key ring cases available to hold the tags upon request.

Why GAP Security?

GAP Security is the UK’s only truly nationwide mobile installer of alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems. Founded in 1998, GAP Security has grown to become the most recognised name in the industry and carries a recommendation from motoring journalists on a level never seen before.

Working with insurance companies and owners clubs, GAP Security has secured almost as many recommendations and it has vehicles.

Some companies claim to be the biggest and best, some the oldest and some even the actual manufacturer of the product you are looking to purchase. But in reality, it is often too late when you find out that a man in a van, working from his kitchen table, has just dismantled your second biggest investment.

Wherever, Whenever

GAP Security operates throughout the entire UK mainland, from John O’Groat’s to Lands End which means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get your vehicle secured. Installation lead times average 4 working days subject to location and can even be arranged for the weekend. Installations can alternatively be conducted at your place of work, or even the vehicle dealership prior to collection. Basically, wherever and whenever it suits you best!

Prior to the installation a full inspection of the vehicles bodywork, interior and electrics will take place and this will be repeated when the system has been installed. The vehicle will be left exactly as it was found, just better protected; and both the installation and the products come with a comprehensive guarantee, covering parts and labour for a full year!

GAP Security’s engineers are of the highest calibre with a wealth of experience in vehicle security and auto-electrics. Managed by Matt Thomson, GAP Security’s technical manager, they have been able to conduct the most complicated installations imaginable, including starting a Morris Minor by remote control and a Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari F40, the list goes on. As you would expect, their customer base is very prestigious and includes Premiership footballers, actors, comedians and even one of the most powerful Banks in the world.

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